The smart Trick of Comment That Nobody is Discussing

You may use like, as, or how as conjunctions if you are comparing one human being's conduct or overall look to another's. From the clause which follows the conjunction, the verb is often do.

conj (strictly incorrect) like I claimed → wie ich schon sagte, wie gesagt; it’s just like I say → das sage ich ja immer; like we utilized to (do) → wie früher; get it done like I do → mach es so wie ich

one archaic : equally two : likely, most likely you can attempt it, some day, like enough— Mark Twain 3a : to some extent : fairly, altogether saunter over nonchalantly like— Walter Karig b —utilized interjectionally in informal speech normally to emphasise a term or phrase (as in "He was, like, magnificent") or for an apologetic, imprecise, or unassertive result (as in "I must, like, borrow some cash") four : just about, about the actual curiosity is a lot more like 18 % —utilized interjectionally in informal speech with expressions of measurement it absolutely was, like, 5 toes longgoes there every single day, like as like as not or like as not : in all probability like

For instance, a sample database includes a column named comment that contains the textual content thirty%. To find any rows that comprise the string thirty% any place while in the comment column, specify a Wherever clause such as The place comment LIKE '%thirty!%%' ESCAPE '!'. If ESCAPE as well as the escape character aren't specified, the Databases Engine returns any rows Along with the string 30.

Alternatively, use expressions like caer bien or parecer/resultar simpático/agradable. These expressions do the job like gustar and want an indirect item:

Choose income FROM workers The place last_name LIKE 'R%'; The subsequent query makes use of the = operator, as opposed to the LIKE ailment, to find the salaries of all staff Along with the name 'R%':

A crimson badge means a teammate despatched you a immediate concept, described you, or utilized just one of one's key terms.

‘She declined to comment on individual educational facilities, declaring Like the evaluate had long gone out for community session.’


→ es geht nichts über eine schöne Tasse Tee!; there’s nothing like it → das ist einmalig; is this Everything you had in mind? — it’s some thing/very little like it → hattest du dir so etwas vorgestellt? — ja, so ähnlich/nein, überhaupt nicht; that’s something like a steak! → das ist vielleicht ein Steak!, das nenne ich ein Steak!; the People in america are like that → so sind die Amerikaner; people like that → solche Leute; an automobile like that → so ein Auto, ein solches Automobile; I found one particular like it → ich habe ein Ähnliches gefunden; a person precisely like it → eines, das genau gleich ist; it is going to Price some thing like £ten → es wird etwa or so ungefähr £ ten kosten; I was thinking about something like a doll → ich habe an so etwas wie eine Puppe gedacht; that sounds like a good idea → das hört sich intestine an; like a person → wie ein Mann; like mad (Brit inf) like everything (inf) → wie verrückt (inf) → or wild (inf); like that → so; it wasn’t like that in the slightest degree → so wars doch gar nicht; he thinks like us → er denkt wie wir; A, like B, thinks that … → A wie (auch) B meinen, dass …

‘When questioned if he would contemplate altering administration with the business, Armstrong replied: "No comment."’

Nonetheless, the submit triggered mixed reactions on the net, with some elevating concerns over the authenticity of your Monthly bill because of its information plus the format. Some others criticised the lodge for that pricing of items.

Are notifications beginning to annoy you? Use this tutorial to reduce the amount of alerts you obtain from apps and companies on Windows 10.

(= wish, would like for) I’d like an evidence → ich hätte gerne eine Erklärung; I need to like far more time → ich würde mir gerne noch etwas Zeit lassen; they would have liked to return → sie wären gern gekommen; I should really like to understand why → ich wüsste (gerne), warum; I should like you to get it done → ich möchte, dass du es tust; I like to generally be obeyed → ich erwarte Gehorsam; whether he likes it or not → ob es ihm passt oder nicht, ob er will oder nicht; I didn’t like to disturb him → ich wollte ihn nicht stören; what would you like?

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